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Organic Pigments for Plastics and Rubbers

Pigments for Plastics and Rubbers

Yuhong provides high-quality organic raw materials for coloring plastic products and rubber products.

The pigments we apply for plastics and rubbers have the following characteristics: transference resistance, colorful, easy to disperse, high transparency, acid and alkali resistance.

Yuhong pigments have good transference resistance and can maintain the color permanently, at the same time can keep it colorful. In addition, because the pigments are easy to disperse, so they can evenly disperse in the medium.

We can provide exclusive solutions for PU plastic coloring, PVC plastic coloring, PP plastic coloring, soft rubber coloring, etc. Our application experts can provide you with technical consultation.

Yuhong is a leading plastic pigment and rubber pigment manufacturer, mainly provides organic pigments with a wide range of color selections. There are different types of industrial pigments used as PU plastic colorant, PVC plastic colorant, PP plastic colorant, and rubber colorant, with color options like red, green, blue, yellow and orange. As we use well qualified materials, combined with a lot of production lines and years of experience, we can provide quality industrial pigment powder with custom solutions.